COZLNCH with cscript vbscript

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COZLNCH with cscript vbscript

Post by donaldj » Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:34 pm

Anyone been able to use a vbscript with Launcher piping? I believe the vbscript would have to be run using cscript, such as:
fromdsn -o 'recfm=FB,lrecl=418' DD:INFILE | cscript testdata.vbs |
sort | uniq | todsn DD:OUTFILE
I keep getting broken pipe errors when trying that. My infile is fairly large (92 cyl).
fromdsn(DD:BINFILE)ÝE¨: ./OutputMux.h(146) - send_fully(1, 188433D8, 4) - Ý140¨ EDC5140I Broken pipe. (errno2=0x74520442)
cozserver(4)ÝE¨: ./OutputMux.h(146) - send_fully(1, 185A7330, 5) - Ý140¨ EDC5140I Broken pipe. (errno2=0x76697242)
cozserver(4)ÝW¨: Exception: 103 sending exit code packet(rc=103) to client

I will retry with a small file, and a simple vbscript.
I also got an error passing a parameter to sort: sort /+26

Seems to work ok with a small file. More than 181 records, 75658 bytes, the broken pipe occurs.

**Update 9/01**
Had to use temporary intermediate files to get it to work. So this worked:
fromdsn -x shr -b -o 'recfm=FS,lrecl=27648' DD:BINFILE > rac13.ebc.dat
cat rac13.ebc.dat | \
cscript "//B" racconv.vbs | \
todsn -p 0x40 -b -o 'recfm=FB,lrecl=418' DD:MODFILE
rm rac13.ebc.dat
fromdsn -x shr -o 'recfm=FB,lrecl=418' DD:MODFILE > rac13.asc.dat
cat rac13.asc.dat | \
cscript "//B" racdata.vbs | \
sort | \
uniq | \
todsn -p 0x40 DD:OUTFILE
rm rac13.asc.dat

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