Co:Z iText PDF Generator - Hadoop

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Co:Z iText PDF Generator - Hadoop

Post by akadian » Fri May 22, 2015 3:33 am

I am trying to use the steps to create a Batch from z/OS and use Amazon Hadoop for iText processing of PDF's. I am not able to understand the step(mentioned in red below):
#Finally, select the create cluster button. After a few minutes the
# cluster will start with a status of waiting and the Master public
# DNS is displayed. Once the Master public DNS is available:
# - Update the EMRITEXT JCL updating <master-public-dns> below:
# target-host=<master-public-dns>
# - From the z/OS system running the launcher, connect to the
# Master node in order to accept the host key:
# ssh hadoop@<master-public-dns> -i .ssh/mykeypair.pem

# At this point, finish customizing the EMRITEXT JCL and submit the job
# to the cluster.
# Note that each time you clone and start the cluster again, a new
# Master public DNS is assigned so the above two steps must be repeated.

If I submit the EMRITEXT JCL, I am getting the following:
********************************* TOP OF DATA **********************************
CoZLauncherÝN¨: version: 3.1.0 2015-05-01
CoZLauncherÝN¨: Copyright (C) Dovetailed Technologies, LLC. 2006-2015. All rights reserved.
CoZLauncherÝI¨: Agent output WTO is OFF
CoZLauncherÝI¨: ssh tunnelling is ON
CoZLauncherÝI¨: CoZServer listener socket bound to:
FOTS1337 ssh_exchange_identification: read: EDC8127I Connection timed out. (errno2=0x76650291)

CoZLauncherÝE¨: CoZAgent process (394162) ended with RC=255
CoZLauncherÝE¨: CoZAgent process (394162) ended, but no cozagent completion was recorded.
CoZLauncherÝE¨: CoZLauncher ended with RC=102
******************************** BOTTOM OF DATA ********************************

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Re: Co:Z iText PDF Generator - Hadoop

Post by dovetail » Mon May 25, 2015 3:52 am

The step in red:

ssh hadoop@<master-public-dns> -i .ssh/mykeypair.pem

this is to be done from a z/OS Unix shell session. Since you cannot execute the ssh command from TSO/OMVS (before release 1.3 of IBM Ported Tools OpenSSH), you must login to z/OS using ssh (like PuTTY) into the z/OS userid that you will be using for the batch job. Then you can issue this ssh command which connects to the master node. You do this manually so that you can manually accept the remote system's public ssh key.

This failure:

FOTS1337 ssh_exchange_identification: read: EDC8127I Connection timed out. (errno2=0x76650291)

is because ssh cannot make a connection to the master node. Is the master node started? Do you have a firewall preventing the connection?

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