Return Code 2

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Return Code 2

Post by MacPattterson »

I am running a batch Co:Z job and receiving a Return Code 2, but am not seeing an explanation as to what the problem is or see a description in the manuals.

CoZBatchÝN¨: version: 6.1.1 2020-06-12
CoZBatchÝN¨: Copyright (C) Dovetailed Technologies, LLC. 2005-2020. All rights reserved.
CoZBatchÝI¨: executing progname=login-shell="-/bin/sh"
+ . /u/tec7361/cozbatch.conf
+ .
+ coz_bin=/usr/lpp/coz/bin
.: /u/tec7361/cozbatch.conf 2: .: Usage: . file Ýarg ...¨
CoZBatchÝI¨: returning rc=exitcode=2

This is a job that I've had no problems running on other systems, so am puzzled by what the problem might be.

Can you point me in the right direction? Or what would you need to see from the job to determine the issue?

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Re: Return Code 2

Post by dovetail »

It appears that you are using a user-written script file: /u/tec7361/cozbatch.conf which has a Unix shell command syntax error.

Note: If this is for a customer that has a Co:Z Enterprise License and Support agreement, please work with your support contacts to open a ticket with us and we will assist.
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