observations on install shar file (coz*.bin)

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observations on install shar file (coz*.bin)

Post by john.mckown » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:18 am

This is just an observation. It is not really an "error", but might be considered an oversight. In the installation shar file, there is a line like:

DIRSIZE=`ls -1 $HOMEDIR | wc -l`

This appears to be asking "is the specified UNIX installation directory empty?". But it is not complete because it does not consider "hidden" files. IMO, the line should look like:

DIRSIZE=`ls -1A $HOMEDIR | wc -l`

I also noticed that the main contents of the file are a pax archive. I see a "pax -r" command to do a restore of this pax. This is fine. But I'm wondering why you don't compress the pax file? I guess that's a CPU cost of restoration via cost of transferring & storing the shar file question.

Lastly, in the "install.rexx" program (I read the .bin file to see what it does), I am wondering if it would be possible to customize the members being loaded into the SAMPJCL file with the UNIX directory and z/OS PDS library names which were asked for previously. They could be passed into the REXX program via the command line or environment variables. I think this could be done by using "sed" to change the files in the "sampjcl" directory restored by the pax command before doing the "cp -v" command.

Just some thought on a slow day.

John McKown

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Re: observations on install shar file (coz*.bin)

Post by dovetail » Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:39 pm

These are all good suggestions.
Thanks John!

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