JZOS launcher and ibmjzos.jar

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JZOS launcher and ibmjzos.jar

Post by ClintBarton » Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:24 am


I walking through the JZOS 2.3.2 installation guide. In the trouble shooting section, it highlights problem associated with a version mismatch between the launcher and the ibmjzos.jar. How can I determine what verions of the jar is? how do I determine the current version of the launcher? where do I get an update jar to match JZOS 2.3.2? Any other known install bumps would be appreciated.

Please help.

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Re: JZOS launcher and ibmjzos.jar

Post by dovetail » Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:53 pm

The ibmjzos.jar version can be found in the MANIFEST file in the jar itself.

If you install the z/OS Java SDK from IBM, it comes with matching code launcher and jar versions.

<SDK_HOME>/lib/ext directory has ibmjzos.jar. Just leave it there and the sdk will find it as a system jar.

<SDK_HOME>/mvstools has a copy of the launcher load module. If installed via SMP/E, this would go into the defined target library.

If you want to manually grab a copy of the launcher load module, there is also a copy in the SDK directory "mvstools":

cp -X $JAVA_HOME/mvstools/JVMLDM76 //'HLQ.SOME.PDSE'

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