jzos failing with exit code 125

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jzos failing with exit code 125

Post by usaajrm » Wed May 21, 2014 9:41 am

UPDATE for the forum: This problem resulted from the /tmp filesystem being unavailable during this time. We have corrected the issue with /tmp.

This is a little strange. For the past three days, we are seeing our jobs fail in the early morning from 5-6am. The failed jobs are reporting the following error. Otherwise our jobs run fine all day. Any insight or guidance on gathering additional diagnostic information would be appreciated.

JVMJZBL2999T waiting for child shell process to complete
JVMJZBL2999T -> waitChild()
JVMJZBL1038E Child shell process exited with exit code: 125
JVMJZBL2999T <- waitChild()

I can send you the complete +T output.

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