SEC6 abend for BPXAS in CSSMTP log file

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SEC6 abend for BPXAS in CSSMTP log file

Post by JimTyree » Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:32 pm

After migrating from SMTP to CSSMTP, we see occasional messages like this in the CSSMTP log file:

mlJesReport:Report: Job BPXAS / /STEP1 (STC10228) created by MVSSYS.SYSLOGD
mlJesReport:Report: 554 4.6.7 JES Job (BPXAS) abended. code = SEC6

The BPXAS/STCnnn turns out to be a COZBATCH jobstep that generated email (by writing to a JES2 spool file using 'todsn').

We are puzzled about the abend -- because we don't see any other indicators or problems.

And we are puzzled about why the message shows up in cssmpt's logfile at all. Aside from the JES2 spool file create by COZBATCH script, we don't see any other connection between CSSMTP and a batch job that happens to invoke COZBATCH.

Any hints or ideas? (other than a slip trap to get a dump and register contents)

z/OS Version 1.12

COZBATCH Version 2.1.0 (with 2.2.0 just installed today ...).


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Re: SEC6 abend for BPXAS in CSSMTP log file

Post by dovetail » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:21 am


You have posted this thread on the JZOS forum - is it JZOS related?

If not, please open a thread in the Co:Z Forum.

Some additional information will be required, like:

- a sample of the input job that causes the error
- job log output showing abend message(s)

Abend SEC6 is generally an abend that simply says that a z/OS Unix process will killed with a sigterm. This is generally not a program error, but an error that indicates that something came done and shut down child processes.

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